Nombre Peso en Lbs Peso en Kg
ARIA - -
Junne Set #3 Weight: 1lbsWeight: 0.454lbs
Nastacya Set # 2 Weight: 1lbsWeight: 0.454lbs
Devora Set #1 Weight: 1lbsWeight: 0.454lbs
Alma Dress - -
Ginna Skirts - -
Adri Pants - -
Jeans Forever Weight: 0.7375lbsWeight: 0.335lbs
Cydney Dress Weight: 0.7375lbsWeight: 0.335lbs
Magda Pants Weight: 0.46875lbsWeight: 0.213lbs
Lidia White Top Weight: 0.1375lbsWeight: 0.062lbs
Lidia Yellow Top Weight: 0.1375lbsWeight: 0.062lbs
Dalila White Shorts Weight: 0.8625lbsWeight: 0.391lbs
Mary Louise Earrings Weight: 0.01875lbsWeight: 0.009lbs
Mary Louise Earrings Weight: 0.01875lbsWeight: 0.009lbs
Adela Earrings Weight: 0.01875lbsWeight: 0.009lbs
Found me a stud earrings Weight: 0.01875lbsWeight: 0.009lbs
Hello Weekend Weight: 0.051lbsWeight: 0.023lbs
Lola’s Pants Weight: 0.8625lbsWeight: 0.391lbs
Dalila Shorts Blue Jeans Weight: 0.8625lbsWeight: 0.391lbs
Rose Top Navy Blue Weight: 0.2125lbsWeight: 0.096lbs
Rose Top Weight: 0.2125lbsWeight: 0.096lbs
Alysha Nude Crop Top Weight: 0.1625lbsWeight: 0.074lbs
Yani White Crop Top Weight: 0.1625lbsWeight: 0.074lbs
Diana Floral Dress Weight: 0.36875lbsWeight: 0.167lbs
Dayana Dress Weight: 0.55lbsWeight: 0.249lbs
Karol Dress Weight: 0.34375lbsWeight: 0.156lbs
Spring Maxi Dress Weight: 0.70lbsWeight: 0.318lbs
Earrings CLE Gold Leave Weight: 0.1125lbsWeight: 0.051lbs
Gold Heart Necklace Weight: 0.1125lbsWeight: 0.051lbs
Girly Gold Earrings Weight: 0.1875lbsWeight: 0.085lbs
Earrings Silver Tree Weight: 0.10625lbsWeight: 0.048lbs
Gold Butterfly Necklace Weight: 0.10625lbsWeight: 0.048lbs
CORNEY JEANS Weight: 1.51875lbsWeight: 0.689lbs
Vivi Skirt Set - -
Camila Skirts Set - -
Camila Skirts Set - -
Angelina (Romper) Weight: 0.39375lbsWeight: 0.179lbs
One Night in Miami- Black Bodysuits Weight: 0.593lbsWeight: 0.269lbs
Zebra Pattern Blouse Weight: 0.375lbsWeight: 0.17lbs
Classic Black Romper Weight: 1.464lbsWeight: 0.664lbs
Vanessa Blouse (Red ) Weight: 0.4lbsWeight: 0.181lbs
Pink Active Legging Weight: 0.2125lbsWeight: 0.096lbs
Dayami Floral Dress Weight: 0.34375lbsWeight: 0.156lbs
Alison Active Set Weight: 0.34375lbsWeight: 0.156lbs
Nicole Maxi Skirt Set Weight: 0.64375lbsWeight: 0.292lbs
Watermelon & Sugar Weight: 0.46875lbsWeight: 0.213lbs
Always with you Weight: 0.375lbsWeight: 0.17lbs
D’vevas Cami Set- Leopard Weight: 0.3875lbsWeight: 0.176lbs
Alicia Crop Top Weight: 0.467lbsWeight: 0.212lbs
Tessa Floral Blouse Weight: 0.2675lbsWeight: 0.121lbs
Vanessa Long Sleeve Weight: 0.4lbsWeight: 0.181lbs
Kim Top Weight: 0.16875lbsWeight: 0.077lbs
Mary Leopard Dress Weight: 0.41875lbsWeight: 0.19lbs
Helen Romper Weight: 0.51875lbsWeight: 0.235lbs
Babe Elegant Top- Gold Weight: 0.23725lbsWeight: 0.108lbs
On the street-Bodysuit Weight: 0.48125lbsWeight: 0.218lbs
Donatela Long Sleeve Weight: 0.21875lbsWeight: 0.099lbs
Victoria Blouse Weight: 0.4375lbsWeight: 0.198lbs
Selena Designed Blouse-Black Weight: 0.564lbsWeight: 0.256lbs
Adriele Top & Pant Sets Weight: 0.8625lbsWeight: 0.391lbs
Blue Floral Skirt Set Weight: 1.819lbsWeight: 0.825lbs
Little White Lies Top- Nude Weight: 0.754lbsWeight: 0.342lbs
Classic White Romper Weight: 1.464lbsWeight: 0.664lbs
Roxi Pants Set Weight: 1.287lbsWeight: 0.584lbs
Roxi Pants Set Weight: 2.086lbsWeight: 0.946lbs
Feel like a Mermaid Weight: 0.536lbsWeight: 0.243lbs
Active Top (White) Weight: 0.2125lbsWeight: 0.096lbs
Active Top-Black Weight: 0.467lbsWeight: 0.212lbs
Green Leopard Legging Weight: 0.5lbsWeight: 0.227lbs
Hello Gorgeos Weight: 0.6lbsWeight: 0.272lbs
Feel Pretty Weight: 0.58125lbsWeight: 0.264lbs
Cloudy Soft Perforated Legging Weight: 0.49375lbsWeight: 0.224lbs
Fast & Gorgeous Running Sets Weight: 0.79375lbsWeight: 0.36lbs
Just be Like a Butterfly Weight: 0.4875lbsWeight: 0.221lbs
Animal Print Activewear Set Weight: 0.86875lbsWeight: 0.394lbs
Vivi & Roxi ( White) Weight: 0.783lbsWeight: 0.355lbs
Selena Designed Blouse Weight: 0.564lbsWeight: 0.256lbs
Floral Long Sleeve Blouse Weight: 0.681lbsWeight: 0.309lbs
Roxi Long Sleeve Weight: 1.254lbsWeight: 0.569lbs
Heavenly by D’vevas Super Soft Modal Lace Cami Set (3 piece Red) Weight: 0.452lbsWeight: 0.205lbs
D’vevas Cami Set ( 3 piece- Gold) Weight: 4.713lbsWeight: 2.138lbs
Josiah Top Weight: 0.467lbsWeight: 0.212lbs
Miami Summer Beach - -
Caprice Top Weight: 0.637lbsWeight: 0.289lbs
Angel Floral Dress Weight: 0.714lbsWeight: 0.324lbs
Laura Top Weight: 0.569lbsWeight: 0.258lbs
Animal Print Dress Weight: 0.412lbsWeight: 0.187lbs
American Dress Weight: 0.855lbsWeight: 0.388lbs
Valerie Casual Dress Weight: 0.675lbsWeight: 0.306lbs
Leopard Crop Top Weight: 0.174lbsWeight: 0.079lbs
Vibes White Blouse Weight: 0.699lbsWeight: 0.317lbs
My Heart is in Havana-Blouse Weight: 0.578lbsWeight: 0.262lbs
Aster Top Weight: 0.75lbsWeight: 0.34lbs
Sophia Top Weight: 0.5lbsWeight: 0.227lbs
Paris Top Weight: 0.608lbsWeight: 0.276lbs
Corie Blouse Weight: 1.215lbsWeight: 0.551lbs
Skayla Set Weight: 1.872lbsWeight: 0.849lbs
Beverly Sleeve Ruched Blouse Weight: 0.622lbsWeight: 0.282lbs
Vacation Dreams Sleeve Top Weight: 0.584lbsWeight: 0.265lbs
Little White Lies Top Weight: 0.754lbsWeight: 0.342lbs
Yara Pearl Long Sleeve-Black Weight: 0.675lbsWeight: 0.306lbs
V-Neck Tye Bodysuits Weight: 4.665lbsWeight: 2.116lbs
One Night in Miami-Orange Bodysuits Weight: 0.593lbsWeight: 0.269lbs
One Night in Miami – Pink Bodysuits Weight: 0.593lbsWeight: 0.269lbs
Anna Dress Weight: 0.549lbsWeight: 0.249lbs
Yara Floral Dress Weight: 0.88lbsWeight: 0.399lbs
Floral Dress Weight: 0.661lbsWeight: 0.3lbs
Leopard Print Dress Weight: 0.4625lbsWeight: 0.21lbs
Abstract Print Dress Weight: 0.686lbsWeight: 0.311lbs
Leaf Print Maxi Dress - -
Fall in Love with my Mini Dress Weight: 0.50625lbsWeight: 0.23lbs
Milan Maxi Dress-Salmon Weight: 1.3lbsWeight: 0.59lbs
Sasha Button Dress-Black Weight: 1.3lbsWeight: 0.59lbs
Brunch Date Maxi Dress-White Weight: 1.3lbsWeight: 0.59lbs
Roxy Casual Shorts - -